Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton.
Driving Lessons delivered by a Professional Driving Instructor

Let my professionalism be your guide!

I formed a team with my driving instructor and passed my practical driving test.
I took my driving lessons with Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton and passed my driving test.
I fully understood the practical driving test.
My driving instructor taught me a lot about Health and Safety.
Driving lessons are an important life skill.
Your focus has to be on health and safety. Your driving instructor will teach you this.
The importance of observations is a favourite topic on driving lessons
You need the right driving instructor to deliver your lessons.
The right driving instructor makes all the difference.
Driving lessons are enjoyable when you have the right instructor.

Want to pass your driving test at the right Price? ... Read on!

How to join the gallery of success.

Taste The Success!

How to join the gallery.

One day you will be alongside me walking towards the Nuneaton driving test centre just as they did.

They all knew that they had covered a comprehensive , delivered through a flexible teaching by an experienced professional instructor with the to ensure that not only had they covered the syllabus in depth; but that their was performing above the required standard in all aspects.

Further to this they had a full understanding of the driving test that they were about to take.

With those advantages

Why would you not pass?

Experience The Winning Strategy!

For this growing club of people,
their Practical Driving Test
was no mystery.

  • Join the winning team.
  • Learn the Syllabus in depth.
  • Use the Framework to guide and monitor progress.
  • Interact with your experienced instructor.
  • Be professionally prepared for the driving test.

Teamwork is the best way to achieve anything.

Learning to drive is no exception

Join The Winning Team!

When I roll up for your first driving lesson I know that we are about to form a new team to which we both contribute significantly.

You bring the commitment, concentration and enthusiasm to learn new rules and driving techniques. I combine my experience and friendly approach with the teaching techniques necessary to transform you from a pedestrian into a safe, confident and responsible driver.

Between us we will achieve more than a mere driving test pass. You will be moulded into a driver who can consistently deliver high driving standards;

for the rest of your life.

That my friend is good news for everyone!

Would you like to join them?

Your health and safety focus will change after taking driving lessons.
The quality of your driving lessons depends upon the driving instructor that you choose.
An experienced driving instructor makes you feel really comfortable while you are learning.
For a driving instructor; being patient and friendly is all part of delivering successful driving lessons.
A driving lesson is only as good as the driving instructor who delivers it.

There is no reason that you should not join this happy group.