Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton

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About this website


The first incarnation of this website was written back in 2002. There have been many changes since with this being the sixth entirely new site that I have developed over the years.


The first site was HTML only and, though limited by this, worked well enough. As the internet technologies have developed this site has been changed to utilise them.


Since initiating this online back in the days of dial up 56k modems I have made significant changes. Not only to the design and content but the technologies used as well. Gone are the days of XML files transformed by XSLT style sheets. Similarly relegated has been ASP server pages. I used to use a program called Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Professional for graphical and animated work but since this disappeared into Adobe they stopped supporting it. As most modern phones/tablets do not render the files anyway I stopped using it.

These days I am using a server which runs PHP, allowing me to do many things in the background preparing the pages before they are sent to you, meaning that your device simply receives a regular webpage without the need for additional processing. Using HTML5 and CSS3 markup techniques also ensures that the site renders properly on the largest possible number of devices.

The future:

Marketing cannot stand still and the driving instruction industry is no exception. This website has been very successful over the years in getting my name into the pupblic domain. There are always new things that can be done to a website and I shall continue to make changes as time allows.

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