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Let my professionalism be your guide!


This page exists to pass on a few thoughts to my now former pupils who have passed their practical driving tests.

Many congratulations on having passed
your driving test!

The UK road system is now yours to explore! Freedom is a two sided coin though: on one side you have the freedom to go wherever and whenever you please, but on the other hand you are now on your own, and entirely responsible for your journey without the helpful passenger that you are so accustomed to listening to.

Here are a few things you may wish to consider:

First Drive

The freedom is delicious but the responsibility which comes with it tempers it a bit. It is absolutely normal to feel a little apprehensive but this is an important step. A few pointers if I may:

'P' Plates

I strongly recommend getting a set of these even if you hate the idea.

You may not wish to tell others that you only recently passed, preferring the anonymity of a plain car. This leaves you invisible to any idiots out there. The message that said idiots receive from P-plated vehicles is, "If you fluster the driver of this car then if you are lucky you will be waiting longer, on the other hand, they may dent your pride and joy." Makes them think!

Motorway Lessons

You may well not need them. I recommend that you make a short motorway journey, look and plan well ahead, and see how you feel.

If you wish to have a motorway lesson with me then I will happily sort out a two hour lesson for you. Motorway lessons require much more fuel than normal ones. The prices page shows the current fee for this lesson.


Driving in an ecologically and economically sensitive manner will save you money in the short term by reducing your fuel costs as well as saving you money in the long term by reducing your servicing costs. I include this link as a decent starting point if you are interested in looking up further information on this. I will have been mentioning this type of thing whilst teaching you but there is no harm in a reminder.

Points to bear in mind - NOT on your licence

From the date that you pass your practical driving test you are on probation for the first two years. This means that you will lose your licence, and have to completely re-qualify, if you amass six penalty points on your licence, not the normal twelve.

This is the official government page on the subject. I also offer this link so that you can see for yourselves that the penalties for drink driving have been ramped up considerably in recent years. If you are interested in the range of penalty points and endorsements that you may fall foul of then check here and prepare to be surprised by both the number of offences and the severity of punishment available.

Pointers about offences detailed in the pages above:

Drive Safely and enjoy your time on the roads.

I look forward to seeing former pupils on the road and happily wave but I must ask you to bear something in mind for me. Please do not beep your horn or flash your lights if I don't see you. Whoever is driving my car at the time does not need it.

There is so much that I can say, but of course, you have heard it all from me before. It simply remains for me thank you once again for allowing me to teach you and wish you well in your future.

all the best, Martyn.

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