Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

Changing driving instructors in the Nuneaton area?

When I first qualified I was staggered by the number of pupils I taught who were moving away from existing instructors and the reasons why.

I invite you to take a good look around this website and see the level of service that you can expect from a professional driving instructor.

Inspection of these pages will help you to make a better informed decision.

Rest assured - you are far from alone:

At any one time up to half of my pupils have previously taken driving lessons with a different instructor. It is not always that bad, but I always have a number of pupils who have swapped. I am delighted to say that unless life dictates (pregnancy, unemployment, house move) they stay with me. My might help you to understand why.

It is your choice:

In this relationship you are the employer. If you decide that the service that you are receiving is not good enough for whatever reason, and believe me I have heard a few, then you are entitled to make the change.

Professional standards of service:

The minimum service standards that I have set out in the neighbouring column are I believe the minimum requirements that you should be able to expect from any driving instructor. Am I right? Please take a look at my to satisfy yourself that you are with a professional.

Please feel free to look around this website further and in particular the links at the bottom of the page where you will gain an insight into how I will teach you.

Once you have, text me directly using the mobile number at the bottom of every page. Let us see if our matches.

You have to start sometime!

Minimum Service Standards:

  • I am Fully Qualified - You may be surprised by how many so called instructors cannot display a valid license to instruct in their windscreen.
  • Teaching Environment - My car is comfortable and well maintained. It neither smells nor resembles a shed on the inside.
  • Full Driving Lesson Hours - I may be late but this does not eat into your time. You will receive at least the amount of time that you are paying for.
  • Established Framework - Progress is discussed and recorded. I will never need to ask you what we did last lesson.
  • No Interruptions From My Phone - I never have and never will take or make a call, text or any other form of communication from my phone while on a driving lesson. You are paying me to teach you!
  • No Back Seat Passengers - Tuition is provided strictly on a one-to-one basis.
  • No Shouting - No-one has ever been shouted at during one of my driving lessons.
  • No Physical Contact - No physical contact is necessary between us. In the possible event that I may need to grab the steering wheel my hand may be on top of yours for a couple of seconds, but only in the interests of preventing a road traffic accident.
  • No Smoking - I don't and neither does anyone else inside my car.
  • No Unexpected Stops - I will not be stopping to buy food, a newspaper, lottery ticket, fuel or anything else while on your driving lesson.
  • Continued Professional Development - I constantly review the techniques and methods that I use to further improve as an instructor. No-one knows everything and that includes me. To this end I also attend monthly meetings of NADDIA
  • Fair Refund Policy - If you choose to pay for lessons in advance and for whatever reason decide to ask for a refund of the balance of any remaining lessons then it shall be provided in full at the earliest possible opportunity.

Further information:

There are Questions and Answers covering several topics
on the page.

Q&A Section for your convenience:

Can you help me to get a refund from my previous driving instructor?

Unfortunately not. I can only reassure you that should you choose to pay in advance with me you are automatically entitled to a full refund of any outstanding lessons. As suggested above I heartily recommend that you take an extensive look around my section. This section is not designed to pin you down on details, on the contrary, it is designed to reassure you that your statutory rights have been substantiall enhanced.

I already have some experience. Will you make me start from the beginning again?

There will be value in the experience that you have already had. To find out how much we will start with a discussion as to how this will be assessed which will be followed by an assessment drive. If you would prefer to start afresh then that is what we will do. Sometimes pupils do request this.

I have already learnt one instructors way of doing things. Am I now going to have to re-learn to do the same things (manoeuvres particularly) in 'your way'?

I am irrelevent and I am under no illusion on this point. The subject matter that I teach is based upon the law of the land, to which I apply some health and safety techniques and a layer of experience. Using these tools your understanding of 'the safe way' of doing things will increase and your driving standards will improve.

Is it difficult to become accustomed to driving a different car?

All cars are different and you will find that the change in body shape will affect your perception of both the size of the car and its posoition in relation to its surroundings. The controls will take a little getting used to but with a little practice you will adapt quite quickly. When a driving instructor changes their car, and we all do, then every pupil has to go through this process of adaptation.