Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton

Let my professionalism be your guide!

Need to change instructors?

When I first qualified I was staggered by the number of pupils I taught who were moving away from existing instructors.

You are far from alone.

At any one time up to half of my pupils have previously paid for driving lessons from a different instructor.

It is your choice.

In this relationship you are the employer. If you decide that the service that you are receiving is not good enough for whatever reason, and believe me I have heard a few, then you are entitled to make the change.

Rest assured.

The minimum service standards that I have set out below are I believe the minimum requirements that you should be able to expect from any driving instructor

Minimum Service Standards:

Please feel free to look around this website and in particular the six links at the bottom of the home page where you will gain an insight into the benefits of learning to drive with me.

Once you have, text me directly using the mobile number at the bottom of the page. Let us see if our availability matches.

You have to start sometime!

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