Nuneaton, Findley's Driving School
Let my professionalism be your guide!

Thank you for considering Findley's Driving School

There is plenty of information available on this website. I understand that this is a big decision and encourage you to look in depth at the information available. At the very least you will be making a more informed decision.

However you got here:

Whether you are here because of a personal recommendation from a past pupil, noticed this website address on the roof sign of my car, or have found me as a result in an internet search I am grateful that you are considering employing me.

I am guessing that you currently have a few tabs open in your browser each containing a different driving school website.

How do you decide though?

It's about far more than price:

Have you noticed that for the majority their main interest is to tell you how cheap they are?

A shallow approach at best and quite possibly a warning sign.

It is a fact that for the majority of new drivers insuring their own car; the first annual insurance premium is higher than the cost of learning to drive.

Life changing decision:

I am an experienced professional driving instructor as you will read elsewhere on this site and have been working at a very high level for a long time. Furthermore I am asking you to let my professionalism be your guide in one of the most life changing experiences that you will ever undertake.

This is not something that you decide lightly.

For your consideration:

Whether you are completely new to driving, considering changing your existing driving instructor or looking for a myriad of other reasons there is a wealth of insight available here that you will not find elsewhere.

Please read my Home Page if you haven't already and consider what is on offer. I am offering you a wealth of experience and at the same time trying to give an insight into exactly how my track record has been achieved.

I have reproduced below the lower row of links from the opening page of this website and I sincerely invite you to read them.

Once you have, text me directly using the mobile number at the bottom of the page. Let us see if our availability matches.

You have to start sometime!