Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton

Let my professionalism be your guide!


All of us are individuals and the best teachers recognise this.

The syllabus has to be covered in depth of course but there is immense flexibility in the ways that it can be delivered.

Those smiling people pictured at the top of the home page were all taught slightly differently. How could they not be? They all have different personalities and varying levels of confidence and ability.

One method of teaching definitely does not fit all.

As an experienced instructor I have several ways of explaining everything that I need to teach. I will pitch the teaching strategy according to your needs.

Every point on the syllabus will require the following steps:

Sometimes comments/advice can be given on the move. Whenever necessary we will park up and discuss necessary points.

Some pupils learn perfectly well through verbal communication while others find that further explanation is required. Diagrams can be helpful for some and I am regularly seen swapping places with pupils to provide a short demonstration drive.

I will do whatever it takes to ensure that you receive the tuition that best suits your needs.

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