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Legal Matters

This page has some useful information and links to further official websites regarding the legalities of learning to drive.

Voluntary Code of Practice.

Within the driving instruction industry there is a voluntary code of practice which I am perfectly happy to live up to.

This document spells out our official responsibilities to our pupils. If you are considering using a different school of motoring you may wish to ask them if they adhere to it.

If not, why not?

You can view the official Voluntary Code Of Practice document for yourself.

Minimum vehicle requirements.

If you are planning to allow a learner to practice in your vehicle then these are the requirements that you will have to fulfill if you wish for them to take their practical driving test in your vehicle.

Having read them, you may well decide that they are a good idea for your time in the car as well.

Accompanying a learner driver.

You need more than just a full driving licence to be legally able to accompany a learner driver on their practices.

Your provisional driving licence.

How to apply for your Provisional Driving Licence.

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