Nuneaton, Findley's Driving School
Let my professionalism be your guide!

Useful information for new pupils

It is my intention on this page to show you a little about myself, the car that you will hopefully be driving, and cover the legalities of becoming a new learner driver. The and are easy enough to find when you are ready but first you need to be convinced.

I invite you to take a good look at other pages and see the level of service that you can expect from a professional driving instructor.

About me:

My name is Martyn Findley and I have been teaching people to drive, as a full time, fully qualified DVSA approved driving instructor, since the dawn of the new millenium. It is no exaggeration to say that during this time I have seccessfully taught literally hundreds of people to drive.

Not only have I taught new drivers, I have also taught a few people to actually become driving instructors themselves, so as you can see; teaching you to drive will not be the greatest challenge of my life.

I will provide you with as thoroughly a professional a service as is available elsewhere.

The car:

My tuition vehicle of choice is a dark grey Toyota Aygo fitted with dual-controls without which I would not do my job.

As well as dual-controls the Aygo comes fitted with electronic power assisted steering so that you never need to work hard on the manoeuvres, climate control so that whatever the weather the interior temperature is maintained at a comfortable level, electric mirrors for your convenience, a comfortable leather interior (I spend a long time in this car), and more safety features than I would care to list here.

In my view this is an ideal small car to learn to drive in. It seems sensible to me that you should learn to drive in a vehicle of similar size, and power, to the first vehicle that you own yourself.

Your Tuition:

Your tuition will be tailored to your individual requirements as you will see in the , and pages.

This is all I ask of a pupil:

  1. Turn up regularly,
  2. Listen closely,
  3. Ask questions,
  4. Try your best.

You are expected to make mistakes, a mistake is a learning opportunity, and considered a normal part of learning to drive. You are not a machine after all.

Please do take a few minutes to have at least a quick look at the pages shown across the bottom of this page.

They will help you to make a better informed decision.

Legal Requirements:

Occasionally a new pupil will ask me to teach without seeing their provisional licence until the next lesson for whatever reason

The answer is always a polite 'No thank you'.

Bring your Provisional Driving Licence:

I have a legal duty to check that you can produce a valid photo card provisional driving licence on your first lesson, Failure to do so will lead to the automatic cancellation of the lesson. Sorry, but if you cannot produce a valid licence then the car is not insured for you to drive.

Not got a Provisional Driving Licence yet?

  1. The application forms are available from the post office. Applications usually take about two weeks though it is dependent upon demand. You may receive your licence virtually by return of post or it could be three weeks.

  2. You can apply for at your own convenience. Applications for licences online are likely to arrive quicker because you are cutting the postal element from the initial application, they can use your passport photo, and also the payment is transacted in real time rather than by cheque.

Bring your additional details:

The paper counterpart licence used to contain important information but it is no longer provided when you apply for your provisional. You will need to go online and either, print off a copy from the government website, or download it onto your phone.

To access this you will need your Provisional Driving Licence Number, your National Insurance Number, and your Postcode.

I do not need to retain your details I simply need to have seen them. This means that you have two options: you can either follow the process below on your mobile phone and show me the generated document on that, or you can follow the same process on a computer and bring a print off of the generated document with you. I have no preference, the choice is entirely yours!

Eyesight Check:

eyesight will also have to be checked on your first lesson. To do this you will be asked to read a number plate at approximately sixty seven feet.

Depending upon our joint there could be space for you in my diary. If you would like us to form a team dedicated to reaching your goals then please get in touch by the methods detailed below.

Welcome to the team.