Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

Payment for service

Over the years I have been offered several novel ways of paying for driving lessons including, 'weed for the weekend', so let's clear a few things up.

Payment method:

At present I am only able to accept cash.

Payment is taken in advance:

Wherever possible I encourage pupils to take advantage of the reserved lesson status as detailed in the '' section. In either case I insist upon being paid at the beginning of the lesson. If you do bring your bank card with you to the lesson so that we can fetch cash then the first thing we do is get the money. This time is seen as being part of your lesson time.

Block bookings:

To my understanding a block booking is where a pupil (for their own convenience) wishes to pay for a block of lessons in advance. I am happy to take money for lessons on a block basis to suit your convenience.

I have no pre-conceived notion of what a block is. It can be as few or many as suits you at the time. I have provided an example below:

Discounted lesson prices:

There are no discounts available.

Up to date lesson prices are available on the .

Refunding money paid in advance:

If you have a reserved status or have undertaken a block booking and wish to have any money outstanding refunded to you then no reason has to be given and the full amount will be refunded as soon as is practically possible.

This is a very rare occurence but it has happened and normally I will bring the outstanding balance to you at the end of the day.

I respect the fact that the outstanding balance is your money.

Transfer of driving lessons:

Driving lessons are not transferrable.

Price changes:

I put my prices up annually on the first Monday in July.