Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton

Let my professionalism be your guide!


Every course has a syllabus and this one is no exception.

On the first lesson I will show you the list of subjects that I have to train you to become fully familiar with, and good at delivering on the move, before I can take you to the driving test centre.

As you would expect this is quite an involved course, intended as it is to prepare you for the rigours of driving in modern traffic conditions. You are expecting to be taught about junctions and the flow of traffic, everyone is, but you may be surprised by how well you will be expected to put your new knowledge into practice.

Times have changed:

The standard of driving that you will achieve is higher than that required several years ago. Driving conditions are influenced by a variety of factors and as an experience, driving today is far more intense than it was years ago. How many people with driving licences have you heard say that they wouldn't like to learn again these days?

Dynamic study:

The difference between gaining an understanding of a new subject and being able to demonstrate that knowledge in a dynamic driving situation is the difference between being a good student and being a good driver.

The flow of traffic provides us with as dynamic a training situation as it is possible to get in a civilian environment.

The syllabus encompasses all of the procedures and techniques that you will need to achieve your goal of being a good driver and comprises the basis for the framework that you will become accustomed to using as your driving skills develop.

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