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Use of website and associated media

The content of this website and all of the associated media are provided on a free to use basis.

It is not my intention to change this in the future.

The following resources are available for use:

By my own pupils

It is my intention that as this website develops further it will become increasingly useful to my pupils as a reminder of issues that we have discussed while on driving lessons.

Nothing on this website should be seen as a 'tutorial' or a procedure which can be followed blindly without further thought. Your path through life will not be a straight line and the road network certainly is not. Throughout your driving lessons we have been discussing driving related issues, all of which have to be applied and adapted to each situation in turn.

By the general community

Help yourselves!

If reading what I have written helps you then I happy to have been of use.

The contents of this website are intended to be used in situ and are to other sites.

In either case

If you have found the content of this website to be useful to you in furthering your driving education then please pop over to the and click to 'like' my page. Every little helps.

I would be grateful if you could leave a five star review on either the FaceBook page linked to above or on the Findley's Driving School Google listing.

It has and continues to take time and effort (mine alone) to expand upon this content.

I am happy to help you out.

Thank you for returning the favour.

Associated media:

People generally understand why I bother with a website and develop it in the way that I am but I am asked about the associated media that I run alongside it.

As it happens I am not the only person in the world that has good ideas, and websites are not the only method of marketing a business to potential customers. In the days before the internet if you wanted to contact a few different driving schools you had to use the Yellow Pages directory, and every house had one by the house phone. The market for potential customers has not changed but the number of places that they can look online certainly has. Different media therefore bring their individual benefits and below I shall explain what I use and why.

Facebook page

The is quite a new addition to my online content.

A FaceBook page is a shop window for social media users and I have been slow to take this opportunity. I update with fresh content that is driving, motoring and safety related because I have seen so many that are simply a list of pictures of smiling faces holding pass certificates. Those are great, I just think that more can be done.

The Blog

The is a great place for me to share thoughts and observations that would not require their own specific page on this website. i quite like blogging because it is easy to do and much less formal than coding a web page.


Instagram is the perfect place to put that long list of pictures of happy faces holding theirpractical driving test pass certificates. My can be seen here if you would like to see some smiley people.


Twitter is a micro-blogging platform and great for picking up thoughts that others are sharing. My is frequently used both to post my thoughts in short form and to source content that others are sharing.

My LinkedIn page

Driving instructors network just like everyone else and I do find it interesting to view potential professional opportunities on my as they arise.

Youtube channel

Does not exist yet, but it will when I have further developed this website and its existing social media support.